2023-2024 Arrival/Dismissal procedures for FMJH are the same as last year. 


The building will open at 7:45am - please do not drop your student off prior to 7:45am as they will not be allowed inside the building nor can we allow students to gather outside while waiting to enter.


Each morning, students will enter the building using the main entrance in the circle drive. Upon arrival, students will be directed to the large gym and/or cafeteria to wait for the bell for 1st block. Students wishing to eat breakfast may do so from 7:45am-8:10am.




FMJH will continue with a staggered dismissal. Students will remain in their last period class until their hallway is called to be released. How students go home will determine which door in which they will exit the building at the end of the day.


Bus Riders & Walkers will exit through the front of the school (Main Entrance)


Car Riders will exit through either the F-Hall doors or the D-Hall doors which lead to the back parking lot. Students MUST be picked up in the back circle drive. Students being picked up by car will not be allowed to load in the front of the building.


Parents - upon request from the neighborhood, Echo Valley and Dove Meadow will be closed prior to dismissal. Please do not park on these streets to pick up your student as it causes difficulties for the residents. We ask that you pick up your student in the circle drive as this is provides supervision and safety for all.